What we do

The Alfred Haines Charitable Trust is a small local grant making charity.

The Trust primarily allocates its funds to support local organisations helping people to improve their quality of life.

The Trust prefers to make donations towards specific items and does not give to large appeals.

The Trustees prefer to support specific projects and concentrate on helping smaller charities based in Birmingham and the immediate surrounding area.  They meet quarterly to consider written applications for grants.

The majority of donations are made on a one-off basis.  Sometimes the Trust will agree to fund a project annually for up to three years subject to receipt of satisfactory project reports.

The Trust is willing to support Christian social action projects involving outreach into the community through care.  However, it does not support purely evangelistic projects.

Projects overseas or outside the West Midlands, will only be considered where the applicants are known to a trustee or are recommended by someone known to a trustee who has first hand knowledge of the work.

Apart from the regular grants, grants are generally made on a one off basis. 

The Trust will consider further applications for funding after ten months have elapsed from the last payment. 

One off grants are normally in the range of £250 to £2,000.

Grants are not normally made to individuals.