Exclusion list


  • Activities which are primarily the responsibility of central or local government or some other responsible body.
  • Animal welfare.
  • Church buildings - restoration, improvements, renovations or new ones.
  • Environmental - conservation and protection of wildlife and landscape.
  • Expeditions and overseas trips.
  • Hospitals and health centres.
  • Individuals, including students.
    The Trust does not normally support individuals.  On the rare occasions that it does, that person has to be recommended by someone known to the trustees and the funding should be of long term benefit to others.
  • Large national charities. 
    It is unusual for the Trust to support large national charities even where there is a local project.
  • Loans and business finance.
  • Medical research projects.
  • Overseas appeals (subject to comments below).
  • Purely evangelistic projects.
  • Promotion of any religion other than Christianity.
  • Schools, universities and colleges.
  • Projects that have been unsuccessful before.

Projects overseas, or outside the West Midlands, will only be considered where the applicants are known to a trustee or are recommended by someone known to a trustee who has first-hand knowledge of the work.

If you already receive support from Quothquan Trust or have applied to it please do not apply to this Trust.

Please do not waste your money and time by applying if your project/appeal falls into the excluded list.  Your application will be a waste of your resources.