Making an application

Please consider the exclusion list before making an application.

 All appeals should be made in writing and the information given should include:

  • A brief description of the activities of the organisation.
  • Details of the project and its overall cost.
  • What funds have already been raised and how the remaining funds are to be raised.
  • A copy of the latest accounts including any associated or parent organisation.
  • Any other leaflets or supporting documentation.

Applications without the required information or beyond the scope of the Trust (see exclusion list) will not be considered by the Trustees.

The Alfred Haines Charitable Trust shares support staff with Quothquan Trust (QT).  If your application is more relevant for QT there is no need to make a separate application to QT, it will be reviewed/transferred as appropriate.

The Trust does not acknowledge receipt of applications, nor does it enter into any correspondence unless more information is required in order to make a decision.  The Trust normally communicates the success of an appeal with the issue of a cheque and covering letter.  Refusals are not notified.


  • The successful applicant will be required to complete an official receipt.
  • A report on the project will be required, usually after ten months.

 Successful applicants are advised to leave at least ten months before applying for further support.